Our skills and workshop capacity allows us to provide our full range of services to a variety of industries. Contact Klondu today to find out how we can help your operations.


Our core skills in repair, overhaul and manufacture of mechanical plant equipment have seen us become a supplier of choice for the Australian steel and metals industries. With the capacity to fabricate, repair or overhaul even the largest of equipment, our skills and expertise ensures all work is completed on time and to the highest quality.


Reducing down time and increasing the longevity of your equipment is critical in an increasingly demanding environment. Klondu’s precision engineering of heavy industrial components and assemblies ensures that you have access to high quality repairs, overhauls and fabrication that improves equipment safety, reliability, and longevity allowing your operations to focus on what it does best.


Benefit from our experience and skill in repairing, overhauling and fabricating heavy mechanical componentry and ensure your facilities are more reliable and your machinery lasts longer. Our precision engineering capabilities and willingness to work with you ensure downtime and disruption to your plant is minimised.


Klondu offer a range of repair, overhaul and fabrication of components and assemblies across a range of conventional and renewable energy infrastructure. Our experience and a reputation for heavy industrial fabrication have seen Klondu become the supplier of choice for coal, gas and wind industry leaders.


Our engineering and fabrication capabilities allow us to deliver water infrastructure and hydroelectricity high efficiency and reliability and ensure a higher return on your investment year after year. By ensuring the use of high quality materials and ensuring meticulous quality assured workmanship, we work together with a range of clients to ensure the reliability and performance of their equipment.